The HYPERION product line continues to expand as Micron Optics releases new 40 configurations!

Micron Optics is pleased to announce several new features and configuration within the HYPERION product line of optical sensing interrogators.  The expanding capabilities and growing range of si155 and si255 models are helping to accurately measure more types of optical sensors in a wider variety of applications than ever before!

All x55 HYPERION interrogators incorporate Micron Optics’ industry leading swept wavelength laser technology and features absolute wavelength calibration and high resolution spectral measurements.  From that high performance technology basis, models are available to suit your exact applications needs, offering such optional features as:

  • Enhanced Visibility at 10 Hz scanning rates for specialized and custom designed sensors
  • A 5000 Hz laser sweep speed option for enhanced dynamic measurements with absolute wavelength traceability
  • A depolarized source for stable measurements of birefringent sensors
  • 1, 4, 8, 16 channel configurations, and the option to upgrade from lower to higher channel counts later as your sensor capacity requires
  • A choice among 60, 100, and 160 nm wavelength ranges to best match your sensing network configuration
  • Low pricing too, starting at $11,500 in single volumes

Details and model configuration information can be found here. 

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