A single suite of tools for data acquisition, computation, and analysis of optical sensor networks


ENLIGHT, Micron Optics’ Sensing Analysis Software, is included with Micron Optics’ sensing interrogation systems and provides a single suite of tools for data acquisition, computation, and analysis of optical sensor networks.

ENLIGHT combines the useful features of traditional sensor software with the specific needs of the optical sensor system, making it easy to optimize optical properties during the design and implementation phase of an optical sensor system. ENLIGHT’s intuitive data display and additional graphing and data visualization features make it easy to use.

Click here to download the ENLIGHT datasheet.  If you have problems opening these datasheets, go to and download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

ENLIGHT provides the basic functions of interrogator configuration, wavelength data acquisition, saving and visualization, and adds several advanced features, including:

  • Conversion of optical parameters to engineering units
  • Optimization of sensor detection
  • Definition and management of optical sensors
  • Real-time processing of sensor data (including averaging, referencing and normalization)
  • Comprehensive data storage and display
  • Setting and management of warning and alarm conditions
  • On-board module diagnostic collection
  • ENLIGHT Remote Command Interface

ENLIGHT v1.13 enhances existing features and adds new functionality, principally with the addition of sensor detection presets native to ENLIGHT.

Functions & features in ENLIGHT v1.13 include:

  • Selectable sensor detection presets to accommodate the characteristics of various sensor types
  •  Current instrument firmware is now packaged in the ENLIGHT installer
  • All firmware updates can be managed through ENLIGHT
  • Added support for one channel instruments

Compatibility note: ENLIGHT v1.6 is designed for x25, x30 interrogator modules. ENLIGHT v1.7 and greater is designed for x25, x30 and HYPERION interrogators.