Optical sensors provide an alternative to traditional electrical sensors for many applications, with high accuracy, long term stability, streamlined installation, and premium performance under harsh environmental conditions. These optical sensors offer immunity to EMI and extraordinary resistance to mechanical fatigue.

Below are the the full suite of Micron Optics designed and manufactured sensors and an ever increasing set of sensors from the thriving community of optical sensor suppliers. Sensors from these trusted third party vendors are sold, serviced and warrantied directly by the manufacturer.

For additional support material including product manuals, sensor installation instructions, videos and software examples, please go to our support page here.

MOI Tuned Logo denotes sensors designed and developed by Micron Optics. These sensors have been tested and qualified to performance standards comparable to similar traditional electrical sensors. Because ruggedness of fiber optic gages generally exceed that of traditional sensors, tests for environmental stability, fatigue durability, accuracy, and repeatability are more rigorous. All sensors distributed by Micron Optics are guaranteed to be compatible with the Micron Optics line of optical sensing interrogators and sensor system software.

“Distributed by Micron Optics” sensors are produced by Micron Optics suppliers and meet strict Micron Optics performance standards.

Contact the Micron Optics sales team for additional information about these and other sensors. In addition to those above, Micron Optics has new sensor products under development or available through a Micron Optics partner, including:

  • FBG ground water pressure sensors
  • Free space distance/proximity measurement
  • Temperature sensors for high temperature
  • Temperature sensing arrays for cryogenic temperatures
  • Radiation resistant strain and temperature gages