Unparalleled sensing solutions for demanding environments


Sensing applications demand fast, accurate, and dependable measurements. Many also require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions, extended durability, or adherence to strict physical space limitations.

Unlike traditional electrical sensing and foil strain gage technologies, Micron Optics’ sensing solutions are based on optical technologies that meet or exceed these demands and exploit all the advantages of a Fiber Bragg Grating solution, making them ideal sensing solutions for applications in industries such as oil and gas, civil structures, aerospace, power, and others.

Since 1997 and the introduction of our first Fiber-Bragg Grating Interrogation System, Micron Optics has continued to lead in the innovation and design of superior fiber-optic sensors and sensing instrumentation. Micron Optics sensing products assure the highest degree of measurement precision, resolution, and accuracy while offering the benefits of EMI immunity, extended durability, ease of installation, and small physical footprint.

The Micron Optics sensing product portfolio includes a complete line of optical sensors, laser-based measurement instrumentation, and a suite of sensor system software with which sensor data can be collected and analyzed. Each product is thoroughly tested to applicable industry standards, ensuring reliable operation over the lifetime of the product. Micron Optics strives to ensure high performance, reliability, and interoperability among the interrogator, sensor, and software products.