Whether an application requires static or dynamic real time acquisition or periodic monitoring, Micron Optics offers the right instrument for the job. Micron Optics’ robust, turn-key interrogators provide fast and accurate readings of as many as hundreds of Fiber-Bragg Gratings or Extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensors.

Proven to be an essential element in reliable, long-term sensing measurement installations, Micron Optics’ sensing instruments have been installed in hundreds of challenging applications all over the world, including large-span bridges in China, earthquake monitors in California, oil platforms in Brunei, and marine vessels in the North Sea.



Hyperion featuring both static and dynamic full spectrum analysis, the Hyperion platform provides long-term, reliable and accurate measurements of nearly 1000 sensors on 1-16 parallel, 160 nm wide channels, and able to sample at up to 5kHz.

Static full spectrum optical interrogators measure the full optical spectrum of the optical sensor signals and can be equipped with a NIST Absolute Reference Cell. The performance of the static interrogator module is characterized by high dynamic range and high absolute wavelength accuracy.

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