Tunable Filters
Rugged, low-loss, super-cavity performance FFP filters
Micron Optics' unique, patented Fiber Fabry-Perot (FFP) filters are characterized by their rugged, low-loss, super-cavity performance featuring:
  • All-fiber construction. No lens or suspended mirrors.
  • Efficient low loss design delivers high finesse, resolution and power handling performance
  • Fast response times
  • Large dynamic range allows very accurate measurements
  • Customizable bandwidths for signal filtering
  • Ideal Airy function provides results very close to the theoretical model
Fiber Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters

  • Second generation TF is Telcordia qualified (GR-2883)
  • Finesse up to 16,000
  • Scan rates up to 800Hz

FFP-TF2 9000

  • Wide tuning range from 1280nm to 1620nm
  • High resolution for precise spectrum analysis
  • Large dynamic range allows accurate measurements


  • Micron Optics' original design tunable filter
  • High speed applications up to 50KHz (e.g., OCT)
  • Still provides excellent reliability and performance
  • KHz Scan Rates

FFP Scanning Interferometers

  • Long cavity lengths, small free spectral ranges
  • Unique design provides bandwidths < 10KHz

FFP Interferometers
FFP-I and picoWave

  • Provides smooth, uniformly spaced transmission peaks for wavelength referencing
  • picoWave includes a wavelength marker and TEC.

Filter Controllers

  • Controls the FFP-TF, FFP-TF2 and FFP-SI
  • Scan or manually tune the filter or interferometer
  • Lock the filter using built in detector

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