Swept Lasers

Compact, rugged and portable, Micron Optics’ swept laser modules offer fast and wide range tuning across the 1550 nm wavelength window, featuring:

  • High spectral brightness at rapid sweep rates — Enables superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) measurements in biomedical imaging systems (e.g., OCT), optical frequency domain ranging and high-density fiber-optic sensor interrogation over long distances
  • Wide spectral range and narrow linewidth — Allows high-resolution and deep imaging
  • Unique external optical trigger — Provides uniform frequency sampling and spectral calibration

You can read more about the practical application of our swept laser into an OCT system here.

For additional support material including product manuals, sensor installation instructions, videos and software examples, please go to our support page here.

Micron Optics swept laser sources can be custom built for applications in medical diagnostics, industrial imaging, fiber sensing, spectroscopy, and analytical chemistry.