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Tunable Filter Controller | FFP-C

The Micron Optics FFP-Controller is an electric piezoelectric actuator driver and optical signal processor specially designed for the FFP Tunable Filter (TF or TF2) or Scanning Interferometer.

Product Description

The Micron Optics FFP-C can be used in several modes of operation.

  • Manual DV Voltage Driver (bias control only)
  • Manual DC + AC Voltage Driver (bias, amplitude and frequency controls)
  • Automatic Wavelength Locking to Laser Input Source (via a closed phase lock loop)

The FFP-C is an excellent tool for first time users of fiber Fabry-Perot filters to become familiar with filter technology and operations. It also can be used as a lab bench tool in the research of advanced capabilities of tunable filters.

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FFP-C Operating InstructionsFFP-C Operating Instructions - Download