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SOLARITY Laser Module | ss3388 – Alpha Prototype

The ss3388 is a highly reliable all-fiber, short cavity, high performance swept wavelength laser designed for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications.


Product Description

The ss3388 offers the required combination of fast 100 to 200 kHz scan rates, high output power, and polarization stable, wide wavelength range lasing at 1310 nm. The ss3388 enables 4-20 mm of imaging depth in tissue, free from the types of sweep rate harmonic and spectral sideband distortions that are common among other high speed swept sources and known to adversely affect high quality OCT images.

The SOLARITY line of swept wavelength lasers outputs highly linear wavelength sweeps, as well as wavelength trigger and calibration pulse signals, that when combined with cost effective current generation digitizers enable high resolution imaging systems with only periodic need for sweep rate recalibration. The flexibility of the SOLARITY platform easily allows for custom OEM applications in biomedical and industrial imaging, optical frequency domain ranging, high speed optical sensing, and spectroscopy.

SOLARITY lasers are built upon the core Micron Optics Fabry-Perot technology platform, using highly reliable piezoelectric actuators with MTBFs in excess of 3000 years over specified operating conditions. This proven laser platform, having demonstrated reliability with 1000s of units in the field representing > 100 million hours of field use, enables long-term, worry free operational life of the SS-OCT system.

Key Features

  • Fast scanning up to 200 KHz
  • Long coherence lengths up to 20 mm
  • Wide sweep ranges up to 150 nm
  • High quality, artifact free images no sweep harmonics or PSF sidebands
  • Proven reliability and longevity with over 100 million hours logged since 2000


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Optical Frequency Domain Imaging (OFDI)

High speed 1310 nm swept wavelength lasers enable OCT imaging systems of high acquisition rates, enhanced SNR with excellent imaging depth, alleviating the excessive fringe washout or sensitivity drop-off characteristic of 1310 nm spectral domain OCT systems.

Chromatic Confocal Microscopy (CCM)

The ss3388 swept wavelength output is imaged by a chromatically dispersive lens into a fast scanning axial spot illuminating into the sample. The reflected optical signal is focused back through the optical fiber and detected remotely to enable high-resolution, non-contact 3D surface metrology including roughness characterization and surface flaw detection.

Spectrally Encoded Confocal Microscopy (SECM)

High speed swept spectrum lasing enables confocal microscopy without need for a fast beam scanning mechanism at the probe tip, spatial information then being decoded by measuring the spectrum of reflected light.