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SOLARITY Laser Module | ss3344 – Beta Product

The ss3344 is a high coherence length, rapidly swept fiber laser designed for CMM metrology, 3D semiconductor inspections, and other industrial imaging and ranging applications.

Product Description

The ss3344 boasts the longest coherence lengths of all rapidly swept wavelength lasers in the industry, as high as 90 mm for a rapid 1 kHz sweep rate. These features, when combined with a well designed optical probe, allows for dynamic and accurate interferometric measurements of surface, features and dimensions that enable next generation CMM and industrial imaging solutions.

The SOLARITY line of swept wavelength lasers outputs highly linear wavelength sweeps, as well as wavelength trigger and calibration pulse signals, that when combined with cost effective current generation digitizers enable high resolution imaging and ranging systems with only periodic need for sweep rate recalibration. The flexibility of the SOLARITY platform easily allows for custom OEM applications in biomedical and industrial imaging, optical frequency domain ranging, high speed optical sensing, and spectroscopy.

SOLARITY lasers are built upon the core Micron Optics Fabry-Perot technology platform, using highly reliable piezoelectric actuators with MTBFs in excess of 3000 years over specified operating conditions. This proven laser platform, having demonstrated reliability with 1000s of units in the field representing > 100 million hours of field use, enables long-term, worry free operational life of inspection and metrology systems.

Key Features

  • Rapid scanning of 1 to 10 kHz
  • Long coherence lengths up to 80 mm
  • Wide sweep ranges up to 180 nm
  • Multiple operating ranges 1060 and 1310, 1550 nm windows
  • Proven reliability and longevity over 100 million hours logged since 2000


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Coordinate measurements machines (CMMs)

High speed optical frequency based measurements offering accuracies comparable to that of tradition tactile measurements without limitations of sensitive or deformable surfaces.

Semiconductor 3D measurements

Wafer thickness, feature height, through silicon via (TSV) height, copper pillar bump dimensional measurements.