ODiSI 6000 Series

The Luna ODiSI 6000 Series is an optical sensing interrogator for high-definition fiber optic sensors (HD-FOS).  Each channel of the ODiSI 6000 can interrogate an optical fiber that provides thousands of strain or temperature measurements along the fiber with sub-millimeter spatial resolution.

Product Description

The ODiSI 6000 Series system is a multichannel measurement system that uses standard optical fiber to map strain and temperature profiles with very high spatial resolution.  Supporting fiber measurement lengths up to 50 m, the ODiSI delivers thousands of strain or temperature measurements per meter of fiber.  This high-definition data can fully map the contour of strain for a structure under test or in operation, or the continuous thermal profile of a manufacturing process in real time.

The ODiSI platform is an advanced optical interrogator that measures and processes the Rayleigh backscatter in standard optical fiber to produce measurement data along the fiber with very high resolution.  Strain or temperature along the small and lightweight fiber can be mapped continuously along the fiber, with gage spacing as small as 0.65 mm.  The ODiSI platform is ideal when dense measurement data is required for static and quasi-static applications.

The ODiSI 6000 Series includes system software to easily and quickly set up sensors, measurements and tests.  The ODiSI system can log data locally, or easily be integrated with other systems. The ODiSI system can stream real-time data via TCP-IP and includes an API for remote control.

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