HYPERION Single Board Interrogator

The HYPERION Single Board Interrogator is a high performance optical sensing instrument that offers unmatched ease of integration for OEM systems. A full suite of software tools typically only available to high end instruments is among one of the many features of the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator.

Product Description

Derived from our HYPERION si155 platform, the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator  leverages the unmatched gains which are realized with Micron Optics patented fiber Fabry-Perot filter and wavelength reference technology. 

The HYPERION Single Board Interrogator features groundbreaking capabilities including high-performance DSP and real-time FPGA processing on-board, which enables rapid,  flexible peak detect algorithms of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG), Long Period Gratings, Fabry-Perot (FP), Mach-Zehnder (MZ) sensors, and others with low-latency access to data for closed loop feedback applications.

The HYPERION Single Board Interrogator is compatible with ENLIGHT, Sensing Analysis Software, which provides a single suite of tools for data acquisition, computation, and analysis of optical sensor networks. See www.micronoptics.com for more information. This interrogator also includes a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) and examples written in LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, C++, and C#.


Key Features

  • Truly turn-key solution providing quick start-up and data collection with minimal software or electronic design required for system implementation with added benefit of reduced cost.

  • Dynamic measurements of FBGs, LPGs, FP and MZ sensors from detailed optical spectrum.

  • Data verification key guarantees only valid output.  Each data set is calibrated and verified against an available permanent NIST traceable reference.

  • Feature rich ENLIGHT software and API support, available at no cost for sensor conditioning, data visualization, and data saving definitions.

  • Deep, continuous dynamic range is available to each sensor on each channel, independent of differential system losses.

  • Proven reliability and longevity of the Micron Optics swept wavelength source, with over 100 million hours logged since 2000.


(for full specifications, please download data sheet)

Options and Accessories

Available for purchase:

LC/APC-FC/APC connectivity kit

Power Supply

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Technical Notes

Technote 775-400006 HYPERION Single Board Interrogator Board Usage, Care, and Handling - Download


HYPERION Firmware v12.16.0 - Download
HYPERION Firmware Release Notes - Download

Sensing Analysis Software

ENLIGHT v1.14.0


x55 HYPERION C# API v2.0 – GitHubNuGet Information

x55 HYPERION LabVIEW API v1.2.0.0 - Download
x55 HYPERION MATLAB API v0.9.5.0 - Download
x55 HYPERION Python v2.7 API v1.2.0.0 - Download
x55 HYPERION C++ API v0.9.5.1 - Download


x55 HYPERION Distance Compensation Configuration v1.1.1.0 - Download
x55 HYPERION Custom Peak Detection Configuration v1.1.0.9 - Download
x55 HYPERION LabVIEW os7500 FP Accelerometer Data Acq v0.9.0.5 - Download
x55 HYPERION Tools v10.6.11 - Download


OEM Single Board HYPERION Drawing - Download