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Brainy Bolt™, developed and patented by Cleveland Electric Laboratories (CEL), are part of the FiberStrike® family of innovative sensing solutions

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Product Description

The integrity of a structure may critically depend on proper installation and continued proper tensioning of the fasteners used to join the components of the structure. Improper tensioning of a fastener during installation, subsequent extreme loading, vibration, corrosion or severe environments can cause a fastener to yield, potentially leading to structural failure. Maintaining appropriate tension in fasteners may be a vitally important factor in maintaining the integrity of a structure.

Brainy Bolts, developed and patented by Cleveland Electric Laboratories (CEL), are part of the FiberStrike® family of innovative sensing solutions. Brainy Bolts utilize state of the art fiber optic technology to measure tension in fasteners. A Brainy Bolt insert may be integrated into virtually any bolt, rivet, stud or screw having a body diameter of 0.5” or greater, making it a smart fastener and allowing measurement of tension in any location including those that are remote or difficult to access. Fiber optics are inherently immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, lightning and corrosion. Brainy Bolts contain no electronic components, require no electrical power, and emit no signals, making them an excellent choice for long term, real-time structural monitoring applications in both benign and hazardous environments.

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