Next month, Micron Optics will be exhibiting at the 26th International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors (OFS-26) September 24th through the 28th in Lausanne, Switzerland at the SwissTech Convention Center. OFS-26 is acknowledged as the world’s leading conference on all topics related to photonic sensing technologies. The event will provide a forum for reporting and exchanging ideas on the latest advances in research and development on fibre-optic and photonic sensing.

At the conference, Micron Optics will be highlighting one of its optical sensing products: the os7500 Fabry-Perot Accelerometer. The os7500 is a fiber optic accelerometer based on patented Fabry-Perot (FP) technology. Combined with Micron Optics HYPERION instrument platform, the os7500 offers unmatched multiplexing capabilities with other FP and FBG sensors and covers a wide range of vibration measurement applications.

For more information about OFS-26, visit https://www.ofs26.org/page-143739.html.

Or to learn more about the Micron Optics portfolio of optical sensors, visit http://www.micronoptics.com/products/sensing-solutions/sensors/.



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