Micron Optics Releases New ENLIGHT Software Update

Micron Optics has now released the newest update to its ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis Software. ENLIGHT version 1.10.2 is now available for download and offers several important updates and improvements, including:

  • Additional selectable sensor detection presets to accommodate the characteristics of various sensor types.
  • Current instrument Firmware version 12.5.0 is now packaged in the ENLIGHT installer. This ensures that the instrument Firmware can support all features of the new version of ENLIGHT. Please note that users will be prompted to upgrade their instrument to Firmware version 12.5.0 if they are currently using a version earlier than 12.5.0.
  • All Firmware updates can now be managed for all HYPERION instruments, using the Firmware Upgrade section on the Settings tab.
  • Added support for one channel instruments.
  •  A bug fix preventing the table and graph views from updating properly.
  • Fixed a timeout issue on HYPERION interrogators.

Channel detection settings can also be selected for each channel on a HYPERION instrument. To accomplish this, see the Peak Detection Parameters section of the HYPERION instrument manual. These improvements have been made to enable more efficient processing of full spectrum data, which should significantly enhance performance for models with 5 kHz acquisition rates.

To access the new updated ENLIGHT version, visit our Software page and click on the Download ENLIGHT button to complete the ENLIGHT Download Request Form.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ENLIGHT, please contact [email protected].

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