Micron Optics Optical Sensing Interrogators Now WEEE Compliant

Atlanta, GA – September 26, 2012 – “We at Micron Optics continue our pursuit of excellence in maintaining compliance standards for our products. Already CE, ISO9001 and ATEX compliant, we are proud to say Micron Optics fiber optic sensor interrogators now meet WEEE standards.” –Andrew Biddiscombe, Quality Manager at Micron Optics, Inc.

At the forefront of fiber optic sensing technology, Micron Optics has established relationships with clients around the world. Micron Optics holds its products and itself to the highest standards as it aims to help people live their lives in a safer, more comfortable, and more secure world through the benefits of optical sensing technology. By ensuring its interrogators are WEEE compliant, Micron Optics improves upon its current compliance certifications throughout the European Union and the world over.

WEEE, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, has been adopted throughout the European Union as an effort to promote the safe disposal and recycling of electrical equipment and other environmentally hazardous materials. The directive, made effective in 2005, requires that all electronic components produced thereafter be classified into one of ten categories marked for safe disposal.

To meet this standard, Micron Optics promotes the return of its products at end of use to its facility and pledges that the classified electronics will be disposed of in a proper manner. To signify this pledge, all future interrogators manufactured and distributed in compliance with the WEEE directive will be marked with the symbol above.

In addition to its compliance with WEEE, CE, and ISO9001, Micron Optics continues to set the standard for quality in fiber optic sensing. After more than fifteen years and thousands of instrumentation deployments, Micron Optics and its customers enjoy an extremely high field survival rate for the optical sensing interrogator products. Micron Optics continually strives to improve upon its products in cooperation with with other leaders in the sensing industry to collectively raise the bar on accuracy, reliability, and longevity for optical sensing measurement equipment.

Meeting WEEE standards by disposing of and recycling environmentally hazardous electrical material, Micron Optics is helping to do its part to make the world a greener and better place. If you are interested in learning more about how Micron Optics meets compliance standards, please contact us at [email protected]

About Micron Optics, Inc.:

Micron Optics’ optical sensing and imaging products make impossible measurements possible, revealing new, critical information for Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation, Medical and Industrial sectors. Since 1990, Micron Optics has been expanding its core capabilities from tunable optical components and leading-edge instrumentation and software, to complete optical sensing systems. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Micron Optics is a privately held company. For more information, visit http://www.micronoptics.com

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