Micron Optics, Inc. to Share Significant Cost Savings with Its Customers

Atlanta, GA – July 17th, 2012 – Micron Optics, the leading provider of innovative equipment for fiber optic sensing and laser imaging, announces significantly reduced pricing for its dynamic line of optical sensing interrogators. Effective today, dynamic interrogator list prices are reduced up to 50%, and a full-featured interrogator model is now available for under US$10,000. All optical sensing interrogator models continue to include Micron Optics’ ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis software. The software package combines traditionally useful features of conventional sensor software with the specific needs of the optical sensor system.


While optical sensing systems have long provided the means to make measurements in applications where conventional sensors cannot, the high cost of the field-proven, reliable optical sensor systems have limited the scope and practicality of some deployments. Micron Optics’ new optical sensor interrogator price structure means that civil engineers and other optical system integrators do not have to choose between price and performance when selecting a sensor system for buildings, bridges and other structures monitored for public safety.


”The steady maturation of FOS applications has manifested in strong and steady growth of world demand for our interrogators. Our company’s proactive manufacturing strategies include volume purchases of select raw materials and new manufacturing technology processes that increase production and enable Micron Optics the opportunity to enthusiastically share the savings we have gained with our customers through our new breakthrough prices” said Andrei Csipkes, Chief Operating Officer, Micron Optics, Inc.


Micron Optics is committed to increasing the accessibility of its industry leading optical sensing equipment to the widest audience of commercial and industrial applications, engineering centers, science organizations and other users. These dramatic product price reductions will enable more users to realize the inherent benefits of fiber optic sensing technology in a broad array of applications without having to compromise reliability or performance.


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About Micron Optics, Inc.:

Micron Optics’ optical sensing and imaging products make impossible measurements possible, revealing new, critical information for Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation, Medical and Industrial sectors. Since 1990, Micron Optics has been expanding its core capabilities from tunable optical components and leading-edge instrumentation and software, to complete optical sensing systems. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Micron Optics is a privately held company. For more information, visit http://www.micronoptics.com.

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