Micron Optics Announces New Fiber Optic Displacement Gage

(Atlanta, GA, August 23, 2013) –  Micron Optics, Inc., a global leading innovator and provider of fiber optic sensing systems and tunable laser technology, today announces an addition to its growing portfolio of optical sensors: the os5500 Displacement Gage.  Based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology, the os5500 is designed to measure displacements of up to 450mm between two gage points on the surface of a specimen or structure over long periods of time. The gage design is flexible enough to allow for easy attachment to various substrates making measurements on metal, concrete, rock/stone and other surfaces straightforward. The FBG sen­sors at the heart of the os5500 gage are located within a rugged, hard-coat anodized aluminum enclosure that shields them from the elements.  This makes the os5500 ideal for outdoor and harsh environment applications. 


Features of the os5500 include

  • Rugged aluminum enclosure suitable for outdoor installations
  • Fast response time, 1000 mm/s 
  • Stable, high resolution measurements
  • Full temperature compensation                                      
  • IP65 environmental ingress protection     

The os5500 is an ideal sensor for a variety of applications in long-term structural monitoring of key expansion joints in bridges, dams, large concrete or stone structures and geotechnical projects. The all-optical design of the os5500 enables it to outperform gages based on traditional LVDT technology under harsh conditions and ensures long gage life.  The rugged design, flexible mounting fixture and 2 m standard wire-rope measurement probe allow for versatile installation.

The os5500 can be used alone or in series in an FBG sensor array: including fiber optic strain and temperature gages, accelerometers and other displacement gages. Cabling for FBG-based arrays is much less expensive and cumbersome than comparable electronic gage networks. Cables can be joined directly inside the enclosure, eliminating the need for separate junction boxes. The os5500 delivers all of the other advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors, including EMI immunity – something vibrating wire gages cannot offer.

“We are excited about the launch of the os5500 Displacement Gage.  With its long range capabilities, it is a significant addition to our portfolio of industry-leading fiber optic sensors,” commented Jeff Miller, President and CEO of Micron Optics, Inc.  “Our goal is to enhance our customers’ success by bringing a complete solution to each market segment we focus on.  We believe the os5500 Displacement Gage will bring significant value to our customers working on structural health monitoring applications.”   

For more information on the os5500 and Micron Optics’ entire line of industry-leading optical sensors, visit www.micronoptics.com/sensing_solutions/sensors/.

About Micron Optics, Inc.:

Micron Optics’ (www.micronoptics.com) optical sensing and tunable filter products make impossible measurements possible, revealing new, critical information for infrastructure, energy, transportation, medical and industrial sectors. Since 1990, Micron Optics has been expanding its core capabilities from tunable optical components and leading-edge instrumentation and software, to complete optical sensing systems. Micron Optics is a privately held company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. For more information, visit http://www.micronoptics.com.


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