Micron Optics Announces a Depolarized Laser for its HYPERION Platform

Micron Optics, Inc., a global leading innovator and provider of fiber optic sensing systems and tunable laser technology, today announces the availability of a depolarized laser source for its x55 HYPERION platform of optical sensing instrumentation.

Often, the nature of the FBG sensors and their deployments bring along the complexity of a birefringence or polarization sensitivity of strain, temperature, displacement, pressure or acceleration measurements. Historically, users have had to choose between the speed, loss budget, sensor capacity, and absolute accuracy capabilities of a swept laser system or the polarization insensitivity of a broad-band source based measurements solution.

With the release of the new depolarized laser option for the Micron Optics x55 optical sensing core, such compromises are no longer necessary. Starting today, the si255 and si155 instruments are available with an optional depolarized laser source, delivering all of the strengths and capabilities of the measurement platform, independent of the polarization state of the sensors…

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