Micron Optics Adds Monitor Optics Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing Cables to its Sensing Portfolio

Micron Optics has now added two new Monitor Optics products to its portfolio of sensing solutions: Distributed Sensing Cable and Distributed Temperature Sensing Cable. Based on FBG (fiber Bragg grating) technology, the sensing cables are ideal in applications where a high number of sensing points must be installed over long distances, such as structural monitoring for highways and rail bridges, roads, commercial buildings, pipelines and oil/chemical processing plants, piers and docks, dams, retaining walls and embankments. Many sensors can be multiplexed together in a single cable kilometers in length. With Monitor Optics Sensing Cables, users are able to achieve continuous monitoring and can detect potential structural failures or assess the effect of structural improvement.

Both sensing cables offer several key features and also allow for dynamic or static measurements depending on the application requirements. The cables offer a robust design that is suitable for difficult environments such as tunneling and mining. Installation is fast and simple and the cables’ small size makes embedment into concrete, asphalt and other materials possible in even harsh conditions. Additionally, the Temperature Sensing Cables are the ideal solution for the temperature measurements and compensation of the Strain Sensing Cables. Both cables have proven reliability and longevity of Micron Optics instrumentation and can best be measured with any of our HYPERION interrogators.

To learn more about the different applications of Monitor Optics products, click here to view some of their case studies.

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