Micron Optical s3 Swept Wavelength Laser Penetrates New Markets

Atlanta, GA (June 6, 2012) – Micron Optics Inc., the leading provider of innovative equipment for fiber optic sensing, today announces commercial production of the s3 swept wavelength laser. The laser module, based upon proven technology used in fiber optic sensing, linearly sweeps in optical frequency while providing triggering signals corresponding to the sweep signal and a calibration comb frequency at user designated wavelengths. This achievement marks the emergence of Micron Optics’ core swept laser technology in markets outside of fiber optic sensing for applications in optical coherence technology (OCT), industrial imaging, spectroscopy, and chromatic confocal microscopy.

In 2008, Micron Optics designed alpha prototype optical imaging swept laser systems for evaluation of application opportunities in the market place. Now, the s3 swept wavelength laser is commercially available and fully productized due to increased demand.

The s3 swept wavelength laser is designed to have high resolution and fast linear scan frequencies at optical spectral ranges with programmable calibration triggers all within a compact and rugged mechanical enclosure. Moreover, many of these features can be customized for OEM designs to suit the specific needs in a variety of application spaces.

Company Description: Micron Optics, a leading provider of tunable optical technologies, offers a comprehensive portfolio of components and instruments for Optical Sensing, Biotech and Telecom markets. Built upon its solid technology foundation, Micron Optics’ products span from simple tunable components to fast swept laser modules to fast and accurate optical instrumentation. Since 1990, Micron Optics has been a privately held company based in Atlanta.

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