How Should the US Department of Transportation Assess Condition of Roads and bridges? Your Chance to Comment is Now.


I’ve highlighted some of Pete Vanderzee’s writings in previous posts (Bridge Safety and Maintenance Cost), but this deserves immediate attention. Pete circulated this in an email just yesterday:

“The USDOT has extended the deadline (till September 30th) for submission of ideas and/or comments on the nearly 200 that have already been submitted in conjunction with implementation ofMAP-21, our new Transportation Bill. Performance Measures are a big issue with MAP-21 and we need to emphasize bridge condition assessment objectivity and precision using the commercial technologies that are available. US taxpayers deserve that as a minimum.

Here’s the URL for accessing the site and submitting either new ideas or comments:

I have recently submitted an idea titled: “Aggressive Adoption of Advanced Condition Assessment Technologies”. It would be helpful to our cause if each of you would access this USDOT website and support this idea with comments and/or votes.

It’s high time the FHWA put some serious support behind commercial advanced condition assessment technologies which so many of us have spent years and millions of dollars communicating to bridge owners.”

I’ve read and supported Pete’s submission and found other ideas compelling as well. Follow the above link and participate.

-Tom Graver

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