Civil Structures
Fast, accurate and dependable measurements for structures of any age
From applications on very old structures (such as the Acropolis and the Duomo di Como, Italy) to very new (such as the Water Cube in Beijing), Micron Optics gear provides sensing solutions that deliver fast, accurate and dependable measurements.  Below are just a few case studies using Micron Optics instruments and sensors:
Manhattan Bridge

Chiapas Bridge

Chulitna River Bridge, Denali State Park, Alaska 2012
Bitan Bridge, Taipei, Taiwan 2011
Vicksburg Bridge, Vicksburg, MS 2010
SungSan Bridge, South Korea 2009
Arsenal Bridge, Rock Island, IL 2009
Chiapas Bridge, Chiapas, Mexico 2008 
Sapgyo Grand Bridge, South Korea 2008        
Manhattan Bridge, Manhattan, NY 2005-2007 
Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia 2005

Other installations include: Yokohama Bay Bridge (Japan), Huanghe Bridge (China), Chongqing Guangyang Dao (China)



Como Cathedral

Buildings and Other Structures:
Akron Dam, Ohio, USA 2012
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, USA 2010 
Canton TV Tower, Guangzhou, China 2010
Greek Public Schools, Hellinikon, Athens, Greece 2008
Holy Temple, Glyfada, Greece, 2008 
Halifax Metro Centre, Halifax, Canada 2006 
High Rise Buildings, Singapore 2004-2006 
Underground Car Park, Madrid, Spain 2006
Airport Terminal, Singapore 2005 

Other installations includeBeijing Olympic Swimming Pool (China), Parthenon (Greece), Como Cathedral (Italy)


Tunnels and Roads:
London Underground, London, England, 2013
Yangtze River Tunnel, Nanjing, China, 2009
Hume Highway, Phase I, Australia, 2007 
Hume Highway, Phase II, Australia, 2009                                                          

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