In demand sensors for a demanding market


Fiber optic sensors make impossible measurements possible by coupling unparalleled sensitivity with the ability to employ these systems more affordable than ever before.

Fiber optics enable security integrators the ability to create sensor networks that are more sensitive and cost effective than ever before.  These passive sensors networks are capable of measuring intrusions on fence lines, entry into sensitive areas, and vibrations created by movement all on the same system.

Fiber optic sensors are now in use where traditional electrical sensors perform poorly or not at all. Fiber optic sensors typically last longer in these harsh environments, provide more reliable data, offer an attractive small size, and perform in situations where the actual sensor readings must be many tens of kilometers away from the command center.

Other potential applications related to the security market include:

  • Secure Ethernet housing monitoring
  • Manhole cover monitoring
  • Conduit vibration measurements
  • Restricted area platform monitoring

Micron Optics provides FBG and Fabry Perot based sensing products that enable the highest degree of measurement precision, resolution, and accuracy while offering the benefits of extended durability, ease of installation, and small physical footprint.  Micron Optics also has various supplier relationships with vast sensor and software portfolios.