A complete line of optical sensors, measurement instrumentation, and ENLIGHT sensor system software



Utilities around the world share similar sensing needs:

  • Is the rotating equipment vibrating too much?
  • Are transmission lines too hot or experiencing too much strain?
  • Are transformers nearing failure conditions?
  • Are the wind turbine blades and tower structurally sound?


Market Flyer:

Wind Market Flyer

Case Studies:

Hydroelectric Power Plant, Aosta Valley, Italy
Power Plant Monitoring, Yi-Lan, Taiwan
Ginna Power Plant Monitoring, USA
Wind Turbine Blade Monitoring, USA
Akron Spillway Dam, USA

Fiber optic sensors have an important advantage in answering such questions. In addition to providing absolute measurement, low loss, high bandwidth and excellent resolution and range, fiber optic sensors are immune to electromagnetic interference. Only non-conductive optical fibers run to and from the sensors. Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based strain gauges, temperature gauges, and accelerometers perform flawlessly within these strong electromagnetic fields. In addition, networks of hundreds of fiber optic sensors can be monitored with just one interrogation instrument, providing feedback to control systems and warnings of impending failures to engineers.

The Micron Optics sensing product portfolio includes a complete line of FBG optical sensors, laser-based measurement instrumentation, and ENLIGHT sensor system software with which sensor data can be collected, analyzed, and acted upon. Each product is thoroughly tested to applicable industry standards, ensuring reliable operation over the lifetime of the product.

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