Test & Measurements
Attractive OEM solutions employable within a variety of customer-built-and-branded measurement instrument designs
At the heart of Micron Optics' product offerings are Fiber Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters (FFP-TFs)  which lead the world in performance, quality, and reliability. Today, thousands of Micron Optics FFP-TFs are employed within a variety of customer-built-and-branded measurement instrument designs.

labMicron Optics is pleased to provide attractive OEM solutions that include FFP Tunable Filters, FFP Tunable Filter and Wavelength Reference Kits, and FFP Tunable Filter based Swept-Laser Sources to all interested module, instrument, and system builders. Contact us to learn more.

Ideal test & measurement applications for Micron Optics component and module building blocks include: 

  • Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzers
  • Biotech Optical Coherence Tomography Systems
  • Bio-Chemical Optical Spectroscopy
  • Quality Inspection Scanning Interferometers
  • Sensing Interrogators
  • Microwave Photonics Systems
  • Aerospace and LIDAR Systems
  • Defense and Security Systems

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