Attractive OEM solutions employable within a variety of customer-built-and-branded measurement instrument designs

Test & Measurements

At the heart of Micron Optics’ product offerings are Fiber Fabry-Perot Tunable Filters (FFP-TFs)  which lead the world in performance, quality, and reliability. Today, thousands of Micron Optics FFP-TFs are employed within a variety of customer-built-and-branded measurement instrument designs.

testmeasurement_lab_webMicron Optics is pleased to provide attractive OEM solutions that include FFP Tunable Filters, FFP Tunable Filter and Wavelength Reference Kits, and FFP Tunable Filter based Swept-Laser Sources to all interested module, instrument, and system builders. Contact us to learn more.

Ideal test & measurement applications for Micron Optics component and module building blocks include:

  • Telecom Optical Spectrum Analyzers
  • Biotech Optical Coherence Tomography Systems
  • Bio-Chemical Optical Spectroscopy
  • Quality Inspection Scanning Interferometers
  • Sensing Interrogators
  • Microwave Photonics Systems
  • Aerospace and LIDAR Systems
  • Defense and Security Systems

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