An array of technology solutions ranging from component-level optical filter designs to high performance swept laser system integration

Bio – Medical

Bio-medical imaging systems including optical coherence tomography and spectroscopy, depending on applications, may require light sources of varying performance combinations in spectral range, coherence length, resolution, sweep speed, and power. As a company with a vertically integrated core platform, Micron Optics provides an array of technology solutions ranging from component-level optical filter designs, to module level functionalities, and high performance swept laser system integration. With well-protected IPs and the inherent fiber-optic platform for compact embodiment, Micron Optics tunable filter technology enables numerous bio-medical imaging applications.





Micron Optics swept lasers have demonstrated real-time monitoring and superior signal-to-noise ratio measurements in optical frequency domain imaging and near-IR spectroscopy. Today, the Micron Optics innovative swept laser system forms the core platform in swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT), which offers 100 times better resolution than ultrasound technique. Such performance enables various pre-clinical and clinical applications including in-vivo diagnosis of pathological diseases and early cancer formation in human tissue, 3-dimensional mapping, real-time intrasurgical guidance, drug discovery and genomics.

While OCT is relatively new as a commercial technology, as illustrated in the diagram below, the range of potential OCT applications is quite broad. Market trends indicate OCT will evolve as an important imaging modality and a therapeutic diagnostic tool to detect early disease formation in different areas of the human body that can be reached using non-invasive or minimally invasive probes. These areas include the eye, surface tissues, mucosal membranes, the GI tract, and vascular systems. Through developmental biology, OCT can facilitate research in oncology, functional genomics, and drug discovery. This high resolution imaging technique is also finding use in various industrial sectors.  Click here to read more about our practical application of our swept lasers in an OCT system.


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