Management Team
Meet our team leaders

Jeff Miller

President and CEO

Andrei Csipkes

Executive Vice President and COO

Todd Haber

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Graver

Vice President - Optical Sensing Group

Phillip White

Director - Manufacturing

Karen Dillard

Director - Accounting & HR
Jeff Miller is one of the original Micron Optics team members, joining as the Vice President of Engineering and Production in 1990. Mr. Miller became Vice President of Process Development and New Product Introduction in 2000, and President and CEO in 2002. Prior to Micron Optics, he worked at Fitel General and AT&T Bell Labs. Mr. Miller earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University. He holds 14 patents and has published 22 technical papers.
Andrei Csipkes has been Chief Operating Officer at Micron Optics since October 2000. From 1996 to 2000, he served at Ciena Corporation as Director of Manufacturing Technologies and later as Vice President, Operations Engineering. Mr. Csipkes started his career in 1991 at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked as Development Engineer (MTS) and later as Group Leader. Mr. Csipkes holds a BS and M.S. in Electrical Engineering as well as a M.S. in Management Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been awarded 39 patents and another 4 are in progress.
Todd Haber joined Micron Optics in 1998 as a Member of the Research and Development staff. While at Micron Optics, Mr. Haber has also served as Lead Test and Measurement Engineer, Technical Manager of the Instrument Development Group and Vice President - Product Development. Mr. Haber has a BSEE and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has published in peer reviewed technical journals and holds multiple US patents.
Tom Graver joined Micron Optics in January 2001 to grow Micron Optics\\\' optical sensing business. Prior to joining Micron Optics, Mr. Graver served as Director of Operations within the Manufacturing Research Center at Georgia Tech. Throughout his more than 25 year career, Mr. Graver has been focused on leveraging technology for process improvement, precision machining, robotics, rapid prototyping, energy efficiency, and now fiber optic sensors. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and management.
Phillip White joined Micron Optics in January 1995. Prior to his current role, Mr. White held responsibilities within Micron Optics for internal process improvements, quality control, scheduling, planning for lean and flexible manufacturing, team training, and the implementation of MRP. Before joining, Mr. White served in the US Navy Submarine Force where he developed his logistical, quality and organizational skills.
Karen Dillard joined Micron Optics in May 2000. Prior to Micron Optics, Ms. Dillard worked in management in the entertainment field. Since joining, Ms. Dillard has worked in several areas of the company including marketing, human resources and accounting. Ms. Dillard earned a BA from Wake Forest University.