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Luna Accelerometer Senses Earthquake from 3,000 km Away

Accelerometers that were part of a pilot installation of a vibration-based security system at Luna’s Atlanta office detected a magnitude 7.1 earthquake, which occurred 18 km west of Searles Valley, California on July 6. Luna’s os7520 optical sensors detected and measured the vibration wave as it arrived in Atlanta 650 seconds later.

Oil Pipeline Geohazard Risk Mitigation via On-Line Optical Fiber Strain Monitoring

Optical fiber FBG temperature-compensated strain sensors and optical sensing interrogators along with Micron Optics Enlight Software were used top perform the on-line monitoring of multiple critical sections of buried oil pipelines of the Ecopetrol transportation cross-Colombian network, which experience mechanical deformations due to local soil and geohazard effects. The system has been in service since 2013 and has helped provide early warning on several severe pipeline accumulated strain deformations and imminent ruptures.

Measuring Strain and Temperature within 3D Printed Components

Local Motors and Luna Innovations embedded high definition fiber optic sensors within structures made with a large-scale area manufacturing machine to provide distributed strain and temperature measurements during and after the printing process. Luna engineers performed experiments to determine how altering the print layer times affected residual strain throughout the structure to best minimize warping in larger prints.

How to Monitor for Rapid Temperature Increases in Battery Cells

A safer, more powerful and cost effective solution to detect and provide warning of  Li-ion battery faults well in advance of failure is necessary. Luna engineers performed research where dielectrically insulated fiber optic sensors were integrated into battery packs and assemblies to monitor for rapid increases in temperature at the level of individual cells.

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