Improved Analysis Tool for Concrete Pavements Using Fiber Optic Sensors

The University of Florida recently completed a research study to develop improved analysis tools with the capability of analyzing the horizontal cracking potential under environmental and traffic loading conditions for concrete pavements using 3-D finite element modeling and to also create an effective instrumentation plan for the US-301 Concrete Test Road. Non-conventional concrete pavements including ductile concrete slabs made with reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), precast prestressed concrete pavement (PPCP), and continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) were the main models of focus for the study.

To achieve the study’s objective, various selected strain sensors were evaluated in the laboratory to assess their behavior and performance in concrete cylinders under known static and dynamic strain conditions. Various selected strain sensors were also evaluated in full-size concrete test slabs subjected to Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) loading. Included in the selection of strain sensors for the study were Micron Optics os3500 and os3600 strain sensors. A Micron Optics sm130 Optical Sensing Interrogator was also used to measure the sensors. The responses of the strain sensors in the concrete test slabs under different loading configurations were then studied in order to develop an effective instrumentation and analysis methodology for evaluation of concrete test pavements.

os3500 Embeddable Strain Sensor


os3600 Embeddable Strain Sensor

Some of the findings from the study revealed that fiber optic sensors in combination with electrical resistance strain gauges and vibrating wire strain gauges could be used to measure dynamic as well as static and long-term strains in concrete slabs. The use of shorter fiber optic sensors (with gauge length of less than 5 in.) is recommended over the longer ones. In comparison with the electrical resistance strain gauges and vibrating wire strain gauges, fiber optic sensors were shown to have better long-term durability.

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